Van Gogh

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Yes, the aquarium? You can make a whole menagerie there and settle there iguanas, pythons, chinchillas, or even crocodile. A good idea would be to arrange the room in a home theater. Watch old movies where the main thing and enrich the soul. Most home library, too, would promote internal development. Kind of a room with a comfortable chair and the right lamp for reading, with lots of bookshelves, studded with numerous volumes of the classics of world literature. You can dedicate an entire room of your favorite artist Linkin Park. Uvesit all this emptiness of his posters, photos, lyrics, buy a bunch of scented candles, sit and meditate, trying to mentally give him his enthusiasm.

In the extreme case can be fitted with extra space for your own personal computer club. And when the gray reality with all its imperfections would get the eyeballs, you can always invite your friends and move them to a couple of months in a fantastic, full of adventure, the game world. Main someone to periodically do a sortie over tea and sandwiches. Once in school, you have to draw perfectly turned out, and a teacher of drawing you almost predicted that the great future of the famous artist. Yes, it’s to be? You can lost talent? Maybe you would have no worse than the original Van Gogh, and all you need is to equip a studio room, a bad egg and create? So in the end there can be arranged Cuban bar and Latin America to conduct non-stop party on Saturday, or equip a laboratory room for the manufacture of synthetic drugs (which could be dangerous, whether you have less money), or to devote his life to unraveling the mystery of the universe and give it away space for meetings or UFO … or buy a table tennis table. In childhood, many years ago, you were friends with a boy. You were often at his home.

His wealthy parents have equipped an entire game room to please his beloved child. And there you are, and saw this beautiful table tennis, design work of some incredibly expensive wood, almost lined with diamonds, with designs executed by hand, paddles and custom-made balls. Friends, including you, every weekend going to Kolya and played, played … Parents are dragging away the children ate at home. Here, it is a decision – table tennis. There is some theory of attraction to us objects in which we fell in love. Those can be anything: a thing, the city, the smell, food, clothing. On the example looks like this: You go in, say, the third shoe store on the account and see them – boots, into which you fall in love. The problem is that they do not match the weather at the moment, your wardrobe, the price at which you expect. But the point is that you go around a million stores, your soul will calm down only if you buy these boots, or as at least very similar. Having tried all the delicacies of the world, you suddenly realize that you only want apple pie, which prepares your mom, or a Greek salad from the cafe in front of your house because you once in They fell in love. Traveled the world, you will want to somehow come back very strongly in a small resort town on the coast of Spain, because once you are in love with him. Raduyte yourself and try to surround themselves with objects of your love.

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