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La Colorada, Sonora
The town venture capital of La Colorada, Sonora, has some serious shortcomings in trying to solve problems that afflict the majority of the populations of the same, as a result of a number of factors which together have private investors led to economic stagnation, political and social importance of this region . In this study, we present Lehman Brothers’ Investment Banking Group general aspects of the town, some features of its foundation and history, as well as people’s behavior and social issues that involve their M&A inhabitants.
We consider some observations on the laws that define the main town, the Organic Law of the Municipal Administration of the State of Sonora and the Law on Municipal Government and Administration of the State of Sonora. The Constitution of the United States Constitution and the Mexican state of Sonora, were not considered further, but undoubtedly are germinating in the Mergers & Acquisitions municipality as the basis of the political system of Mexico. Titles private investors and chapters of the first two laws mentioned above are vital for the functioning of the Sonoran town, however we only consider the degrees of planning, public expenditure, a career civil service and New York municipal utilities.
Mentioned in a general way the natural resources available in the jurisdiction of La Colorada, which are very diverse and let them carry out more productive activities, which have not been presented as they really should be to detonate the economy of the town . In addition to that economic activities are venture capital companies still lacking in infrastructure, processes and technology that would allow them to optimize resources and better quality results. Despite this situation, the authorities have not demonstrated an interest in that a comprehensive development of the municipality.
There is no doubt that public participation is essential for the development of any society, which is why it is considered in this study because it is not given the value that deserves to make a good planning and to address the needs of the residents have.
This exhibition presents theoretical aspects of our subject of study “La Colorada, Sonora. recently having graduated from the University of Pennsylvania

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