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Possible spam or self promotion
Hello, Novance.
It has added maintenance staff “promotional” to some of the contributions you’ve worked. The subject matter or wording that has cause to believe that the content can be Self-Promotion or spam, so it is not suitable for an encyclopedia. There are many services available web hosting, email and weblogs low cost or even free, which are a good staff alternative. If part time jobs you think the article does not follow that profile, display your arguments in the article talk page and tries to provide references that demonstrate the relevance and neutrality of the content in order to reach agreement on the withdrawal of this template. If it continues without reaching an agreement within thirty days, it is possible to generate a query in which the community will decide if the item is deleted or not. If during the same period are not presented consultants adequate grounds for concluding that the article is not spam or self promotion, most likely is that the article be deleted.
It is considered good practice to remove the template without having reached agreement with the user that places or with a job search user who enjoys the confidence of the community (eg a librarian).
Do not be discouraged by this little incident, your contributions are very important to Wikipedia. Thank you for your understanding, Varano (Talk) 10:19 21 oct 2008 (UTC)
Hello again, thanks in advance for your advice, it is a pleasure to rectify when we were wrong.
Earlier in another comment, our intention is to inform all persons and entities to the new situation of the bank statement School Development Fund.
Our goal is to form part of the bank information that exists in Spain, as have other banks and savings banks that already have in your information space WIKIPEDIA, for example BBVA, Grupo Santander, etc. Cajamar.
One of our regard is to be different to others, even within wikipedia, always taking into account the character of mere information, not “advertise” jobs in their products.
Our goal is to tell the agencies recent history of Novance, but in a “different” because we are a bank rather than the standard.
We have seen that companies like Nike, Airbus, Ford, BMW for example, appear, even with advertising logo, products etc … such as BBVA even makes references to other commercial and sponsorship activities. Therefore not considered as “Advertising” our text, but as mere information about the entity and how it operates.
Our business is banking, and the text makes no reference to any product that could benefit us, either now or in future advertising of this kind appear, any commercial information is on our website, so no WIKIPEDIA want to use for this purpose.
I welcome your comments.
A hug.
I keep waiting to get up to check for Novance
I quote from the page on “Self-promotion in the Wikipedia”:
A page of self-promotion (also called vanity, vanity page in English), propaganda or advertising is a type of article on Wikipedia which is normally removed for reasons covered by Policy speedy deletion.
In general, the authors of these articles written about themselves, their loved ones, their schools sales jobs or businesses. While an article about a small company should not automatically be labeled as self-promotional site, it is preferable that the original author is not owner of the company, working in the company or be a friend or relative of an owner or employee of the human resources company. This applies equally to the artists, the articles about a little-known musician or group should not be writtenby the musician, member of the group, manager, etcetera.
By using the “we” business (or majestic, agency depending) and call as a business article, it seems obvious that work there, and so it is best for the purpose of Wikipedia to edit other articles but not the Novance. Like I said in these cases, if so part time relevant is wait for someone who is not so involved Novance write about. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with is a CEO recruiter Greetings. Sabbut (”’) 10:42 21 nov 2008 (UTC)
THANK Novance
Hello Sabbut
Thank you very much for the speed to answer, the truth is that we did not know who was doing wrong, but I can not understand, someone who does not know the “non commercial” Novance, can write an article about our company. Since the commercial part management jobs of Novance, is posted on the website of our company, which for this purpose the designer. Thanks for your help.

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