Upload federal domestic debt of one billion pesos are going ABC.Los D a.com richest in Mexico

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Some media have continued with the reflection that should bring the issue of corruption and growth in Mexico has. What we definitely could not secure, is whether the debate could be sincere and committed, or just the line that could sell some more. And I mention this case because it the work of all media, were 100 committed to eradicate corruption, I think that in all cases, no overlap complicity, that which arises prices when relevant issues are re-elected or when not so punctual delivery tracking.But I also believe that any publisher would avoid hiring and placing newspaper columnists, who are selling online to a private interest or official, and those that tend to draw appointments, not to put a harsh criticism, but cleave to get a space ” opinion “, in television, although they are of just 15 minutes. The enemy number 1 in Mexico, is precisely the corruption, whose range is so sufficient in their, ramifications, because it rots both the exercise should be democratic elections and the legislative commission recently so myopic. Prostituting the legal order and becomes a complete uselessness of institutional life. I think the most dangerous range, typically, that delivers, operates and conscious good business, for the interests of time. But we also found that some variants of the beaches, permeates almost all trade unions and in the case of the citizen, ordinary, everyday life.Thus, some quote, that corruption is the worst cancer for many years our nation is sinking. And like any disease what would we be aware of the condition, then at the end of the day and year, we do nothing to achieve change it For unquestionably the apathy of many, has contributed in some way, so that subsequent generations have inherited the debt from day to day increase, not only environmental issues but on wealth, education, employment, infrastructure and growth in the daily evolution can not reach, which was due by the riches that exist in the entire nation. The shock wave that is usually corruption has generated in Mexico, in the absence of a strong president, committed and honest cohexistan, within the system, several mini-governments.Each high / medium and small order to post in the government follows its own interests and privileges, finally, nobody charged any price. Corruption / impunity, dumbbell that achieves anchor, postpone or even relegate, progress. Money / Power are now powerful accelerators that have put us within the site 89. Examples we have more than enough to identify the ramifications and different ranges in the Mexico, ultimately, nothing happens. He climbed the budget to address the field, but hopefully that over the months as the increase does not leave the matter, which ended in Pronarco Procampo. Discretion to the Viceroys that we in the states and not to legislate a dream lyrics, against the interest that is weaving PRI / GREEN for the desired return. A Pri who abandoned the working class struggle and as a first sample of what remains their political line, the refusal to grant resources, LyFC. Panistas by cries of some issue of how the budget is approved, a caricature that looks ridiculous when they could just vote to the contrary. And continuing with the themes that will place him today, I must say that I have more data, which should motivate us to leave the passive. The most important of them is that some entrepreneurs who have been identified for the financial breakdown / economic which became the subject of derivatives and their firms drawn in danger of bankruptcy, now return to the list of the richest families Mexico.

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