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The region that is now the U.S. flights state of Delaware was inhabited before the arrival of the first European explorers to Jerusalem the region for two tribes of Native Americans belonging to the family of Amerindian Algonquin: the Delaware, along the valley Delaware River and the Nanticoke, along the rivers that flow into the Chesapeake Bay. The Delaware were a sedentary tribe, which lived from hunting and agriculture.
The first European to discover Delaware was the English explorer Henry Hudson, in 1609, to navigate through the interior of the Delaware Bay. The Dutch were the first Europeans to try to populate the region’s current Delaware. The first attempt occurred in 1631, in a strong call for Zwaanendael, next to the existing Eilat Lewes. However disagreements with the natives of the region ended, the following year, with the slaughter of all Dutch Zwaanendael the following year and the burning of the fort. In 1638, the Swedes founded New Sweden in the region’s current Delaware. The first Swedish settlement in the new colony was Fort Christina, now Wilmington. Almost immediately there were conflicts between the Swedes and Dutch, both claiming possession of the region. The Dutch, led by Peter Stuyvesant, the Swedes expelled from the region in 1655, incorporating the Swedish colony of New Netherlands. However, nine years later, in 1664, a British expedition, led by James, Duke of York, to expel the Dutch from the region. Maryland, then administered by Cacilius Calvert, and Pennsylvania, run by William Penn (who wanted the region to Pennsylvania would have direct access to the Atlantic Ocean), immediately claimed rights over the region. The possession of Delaware was awarded to Pennsylvania in 1682.
William Penn Israel Maven Delaware organized in three counties: Kent, New Castle and Susex. The rest of Pennsylvania was also divided into three different counties. Both the state of Delaware as the rest of Pennsylvania held the same number of representatives in the government of Pennsylvania. However, as the population of the latter grew over the population of Delaware, were added more counties. Meanwhile, Delaware remained with little population growth, with the three counties, called Lower Counties (Minor trip Counties). The Western Wall region of Delaware, well, was losing representation in the government of Pennsylvania. The population of Delaware to William Penn asked permission for the creation of a regional legislature, which request was accepted. Delaware Legislative his estate in 1704, Maven but continued to be governed by the governor of Pennsylvania, until the start of the American Revolution of 1776.
Delaware react strongly against acts imposed by the British after the end of the Franco-Indian War, in 1754, with several politicians from the region harshly criticizing the British, among them, Thomas McKean. This, along with Caesar Rodney, convinced the Delaware General Assembly to declare its independence from the United Kingdom, and therefore, Pennsylvania, on June 15, 1776.
In 1776, at the start of the American Revolution, officers of the three counties of Delaware met in New Castle, to organize a state Israel government. I think the state is, and the name Delaware, already widely used to designate the region, was adopted as an official. The same year, Delaware adopted its first Constitution, with John McKinly as its first governor.
The only armed conflict between Americans and British that occurred solely within Delaware was recorded on a bridge. It is believed that the United States flag (Stars and Stripes) has been hoisted in battle for the first time in this conflict. Delaware was the scene of a single battle during the War of Independence, the Battle of Brandywine on Sept. 11 of 1777, in Delaware County and in Delaware, Pennsylvania, where U.S. Israel troops tried without success to prevent British troops continued their advance against Philadelphia. The next day, the Israel British occupied Wilmington, arrested John McKinly, and occupied the city for a month, but maintained control of the Delaware River during most of the rest of the war, hindering trade in the state and providing incentives to settlers loyal to the British, especially in the county of Sussex, performing various acts of sabotage and attacks on American troops and militias. Various Kotel military attacks carried out by the second governor air tickets of Delaware, Caesar Rodney, the settlers remained loyal to the British under control.
On Feb. 22 of 1779, Delaware ratified the Articles of Confederation. Seven years Israel Maven later, on December 7 1787, Delaware ratified the Constitution of the United States of America, thereby becoming the first U.S. state to do so, tour and therefore officially the first state in the Union.

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