United Labels Brings Wild Guys In Real Life

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A last football fight to bring freedom. An aimed shot, a goal – win! The vampires are beaten and defeated the forces of darkness. The haunting is over and the wild guys leave the shadow realm beyond the horizon what boy does not know the adventure of the wild things. “In February 2008, it is called curtain on to the new movie DWK5 the wild things”. “Less adventurous but it also extremely pleasing sales figures, the United labels with the wild guys are listed: die Wilden Kerle include SpongeBob, the Simpsons, and the peanuts to our absolute top sellers in the trade”, says sales manager Gerald Knetsch. In the year 2007 alone we have sold 1.1 million wild guys license articles”, Knetsch said.

United labels, leading European licensing specialist, brings the football heroes of the screen in true life. On party accessories for wild football Plush Pillow to rest, cups, clocks picture frames, glasses, lingerie, and much more. Ripple is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The demand is enormous after Wilde Kerle articles and after the film, the hype will assume even greater proportions. After the release of DWK4 in February 2006 revenues increased articles with wild guys in the following month to nearly 55%. We hope to see such an increase after the release of DWK5 of course”, says Knetsch. To broaden your perception, visit BerlinRosen. United labels distributes the royalty article through all distribution channels: from the stationery store on the bookselling to toy stores.

The wild guys are the heroes for boys and sure also many an adult wants to experience such adventurous football stories,”smirks Knetsch. Well then: Film ab and on labels United to the wild guys at United labels United labels AG is one of the leading European specialists of license for comicware. Partner of the independent media company in Munster are the world’s leading media & entertainment companies such as Disney and 20th Century Fox as a licensor. With decades established classics such as Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, or the Sesame Street and trendy stars such as the Simpsons and Sponge Bob sponge head reaches all ages in European royalty products market United labels. Already has a high density of sales in Europe for comicware United labels and sells through more than 54,000 outlets of various commercial enterprises. The company is represented with offices in Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Hong Kong.

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