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Jeans in many variations when Levi Strauss invented a durable work pants for gold rush in the 19th century, was hardly to be expected that she would become a timeless piece of clothing for everyone. The portal auvito.de presents the world’s popular pants. Today there are many variations: the jeans. The garment once invented as a very rugged work pants, is impossible to imagine from today’s everyday life. Jeans are now available in various colours, for example, in yellow, red, green, and pink, as well as in black or white. As before, however, the typical blue is the most popular color of the jeans. Various washings, which give the pants a used and worn out look, make even greater diversity. The forms range from the narrow tubes cut above the displayed boot-cut to wide boyfriend jeans.

Thus, jeans are available in variations for every type and taste. In addition, jeans fit for most occasions. As everyday casual pants or as elegant classics, they are extremely popular. Meanwhile also jackets, dresses, skirts, and shoes, are made from denim. Other products such as eyeshadow and nail polish are available in denim blue.

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