Types of marketing

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1. International Marketing International marketing is defined as the marketing of goods and services of a company towards its consumers in more than one nation, trying to satisfy the needs of the global market (cost, fashion, specifications) with local regulations. Example: Pantene Colombia Pantene mexico 2.Multilevel Marketing The multilevel marketing or network marketing is a business model and strong evidence of a direct marketing in which a person is associated with a parent company as an independent or franchised and receive compensation based on the sale of goods or personal services and other members associated with that person. This is similar to franchise arrangements where royalties are paid by the operations of the franchisees and its area or region. Example: 3.Political Marketing Political marketing covers all techniques of planning research, administration and communication that are used in the design and development of political campaigns, which are mainly aimed at the choice of an alternative based on a rapprochement between the citizen and a particular party because of a philosophy. Example 4. Permission Marketing Permission Marketing is a term used within the internet marketing.Marketers seeking permission before sending advertising to consumers (for example when you subscribe to a newsletter). With the evolution of internet and electronic devices like mobile phones, is increasingly used by marketing professionals. It is based on the principle that consumers must give their permission first instead of rejecting (preventing our e-mail to be turned into spam) after the publicity has been sent. The term was coined by Seth Godin in his book “Permission Marketing” The new marketers think that achieve more efficient use of resources as the promotion are not sent to people who are not interested in the product. Example 5.-Social Marketing Social marketing is a tool to achieve positive behavioral change in people that make up societies.

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