Turbo High School

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The initiative against the G8’s high school was round the high school diploma in just 12 years (also eight high school, G8 or Gy8), in the 2nd 2004 nationwide (re) introduced. Previously, but especially after the introduction, especially in the western Lander, shouts, however, repeatedly and the theme is by the ever-increasing pressure on today’s students than ever before. Against the school especially the almost intolerably full timetables, with up to 36 hours school graduates and the associated long-term stress for all involved the week in 12 years talk, today’s. You may want to visit Oracle to increase your knowledge. Also father of two, Dr. Erwin Lammenett, recently had gotten to feel this problem. His children attend both high school and require too much assistance. The vocabulary trainer developer has therefore decided to proceed against the school in 12 years. Thus the State school until the school again on the full extended to 13 years, Dr.

Lammenett has a large collection of signatures a few days ago the site of his vocabulary trainer started and until now has reached nearly 100 people. It aims by the end of the year 10,000 voices against Turbo high school”to collect and ensure your voice is needed. So help us to bring the avalanche rolling! Here are a few important points against G8: Haphazard introduction of G8: 2013 2 vintages are at the same time make Abitur unreasonable weeks teaching time of up to 36 hours in the second tier I overload the students through the pace of learning mediation less time to the character and personality development increase in physical and mental diseases G8 inevitably leads to a tightening of selection, fewer students. Schools, Realschulen and Hauptschulen on high schools almost impossible. Mainly financial and political motivation for G8 sign you now our complaint see: against g8 /.

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