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Triathlon Triathlon is an individual sport and endurance, which meets three sports: swimming, cycling and running. It is characterized as one of the hardest sports that exist in the current international competitive landscape. Athletes who practice it maintained a strict training schedule to meet the demanding standards of evidence, both physical and psychological. There are different intensity modalities of the Triathlon, but taking the essence of this combination of different sports. At present there are great athletes dedicated to the practice of Triathlon. The number of adherents to the sport grows in a steady progression since the history of triathlon lived his most intense moment to become an Olympic sport in Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. HISTORY The triathlon begins, according to popular legend, on a bet between U.S. Marines, in the year 1978, on the island of Hawaii, to clarify that sport and therefore it would be the hardest athlete and complete as a whole, a swimmer, an athlete or a cyclist, that would give rise to the current Hawaii Ironman, but other sources mentioning race made many decades before that, which could set a precedent considers the current triathlon. According to triathlon historian and author Scott Tinley, the origin of triathlon is anecdotally attributed to a race in France during the years 1920 – 1930 he received the names of: “Les trois sports”, “La Course de D brouillards” and “La course Tout des Touche.

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