Tovar Ricardo Zuloaga,

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Tovar Ricardo Zuloaga, Venezuelan young engineer, realized that his country was committed to the ideas of positivist thought to be generated in Europe, where the discoveries and scientific advances began to build a new world. Therefore, the November 27, 1895 he founded the “CA La Electricidad de Caracas,” electric company, with an initial capital of 500,000 bolivares, aims to provide electricity service to the city of Caracas, which at that time had with 72,500 inhabitants. The following year, in 1896, work began on construction of the “El Encanto”, located on the outskirts of Rio Guaire, near the Santa Lucia. The plant, with a capacity of 420 kilowatts, was inaugurated on August 8, 1897.
As growing demand for energy, construction of plants “Los Naranjos” and “La Lira”, restructuring the company, which passes the direction of Oscar Augusto Machado H., nephew Ricardo Zuloaga. Dams are built, improved infrastructure and working conditions of workers and the company built plants Caoma, and Mamo Marapa in the central coast, and the Curupao near Guarenas. In 1933 he built the first line of 69,000 volts from Curupao to Caracas. Plants are built and Reef El Encanto, in the late 40s. Later, under the management of Oscar Machado Zuloaga, nephew-grandson of the founder Ricardo Zuloaga and son, comes into operation of the central “Taco” ( “Complex Ricardo Zuloaga Generator”, which suffered a voracious fire on December 19, 1982 . In 1966 he signed a contract with the Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana to change the frequency of 50 Hz to 60 in Caracas, with the goal of connecting electrical systems and take advantage of the generation park in the country. Thus, in 1969, Electricidad de Caracas begins to form part of the National Interconnected System. Then he opened the central “Oscar Augusto Machado”, which was the first Latin American jet engine operated through remote control.
In 1985, Francis took the Aguerrevere Executive Chairman of the Electricity of Caracas, from that moment, the management of the company turned professional and remains a family business. Deregulation in the Energy industry has allowed tens of thousands of New Yorkers to get better energy rates by choosing as their main supplier of gas and electricity for their homes and businesses. To date, the company served a half million customers, was eleven thousand shareholders and a generation capacity of 1,800 megawatts. Extending quality tools for the motivation of human resources, aiming to boost staff productivity. In 1996, EDC creates Corporation, a subsidiary that includes all the non-regulated businesses of Electricidad de Caracas, to separate the business of electric utility in other related businesses in the area of energy supply and water treatment, telecommunications and services and related industries. Many New York residents are finding that they can cut and get the lowest energy rates. Through the Corporacion EDC began a process of international expansion that took the company to invest in companies in Colombia and El Salvador, in consortium with the U.S. firm Reliant Energy (now Center Point Energy).

Electrical Energy Systems (Power Engineering) by Mohamed E. El-Hawary (Hardcover – April 18, 2000)

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