Tips For Shining Moments – Part 1

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An important criterion for beauty and charisma have bright eyes – in earlier centuries are sprinkled the beauty of the Company Tollkirschenextrakt even in the face to attract the pupils are dilated and shone with mysterious depths. Today, we prefer to use a harmless methods. But can stress that a make-up of the beauty, spirit window, the eyes should sparkle in itself. But these days the eyes are often charged on a fee: standing staring at the screen, dry office air, exhaust fumes and the multiplicity of visual impressions of their overall toll from the eye. It is therefore time that we take a look at our eyes and give them our special attention. What can you do to make themselves and others beautiful eyes There are many possibilities. First of all for the eyes, which for the rest of the body and the soul is: they look better and more relaxed. Many people active, and staring intently out of their eyes. But one can justwell spill into the sensory impressions from the outside in eyes. What might sound like splitting hairs has very real implications: you test it a try Let yourself for a few minutes to rush to the world through the eyes. And then you look at things specifically. Compare how it feels. A little exercise that you can do every now and again when you have strained his eyes too much. Optimally, of course, if one can choose the one Einstrmenlassen Lush Green Plant or a sunny landscape. When we woke up barely able hindurchzublinzeln between the swollen eyelids, which can have several causes: lack of sleep, a celebration with plenty of alcohol and can be very salty salute treats (crisps and Co.) lead to short-term accumulation of water. A first line of defense is to a large glass of lukewarm water – no, not pouring, my face, but to drink. Some rich eye cream can also cause swollen eyelids – as only helping theChange to lighter lotions. And do not herancremen too close to the edge of the lid. An early morning first aid against Glubschauge luckily there: a gentle lymphatic drainage. This is spread from the nose and the nose gently with his fingertips over the cheekbones to the ears, then runs in the crease behind the ear down to bottom. Then you strike the side of the neck down to the clavicles, and from there to its insertion at the sternum. This is repeated a few times usually feel and see one thing you have, such as the swelling subsides. With a few handful of hot and cold water, which are spilling their faces, it stimulates the blood circulation and lymph flow in addition to – and the rapid temperature change also makes merry tired sleepy heads. In addition to such relatively harmless swelling but there are also those who have more serious causes: Many allergies also attack the eyes, such as hay fever or dust mite allergy, and a weakened kidney function may also herald of eye puffiness. WhoSo often suffers big eyes, should be thoroughly examined.

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