There Will Never Be Anther Tonight

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When he was 10 years his uncle gave him his first guitar and then started to show interest in music, something that did not approve of his father (whose office was to diplomacy). Soon, his parents divorced, so the future singer went to live with his mother and brother to the city of Vancouver. At 15, Bryan left the school and began studying piano.
In 1979, Adams made his first contribution with musical and Jim Vallance (who had met a couple of years before, drummer of the group Prism, and which was found by chance in a record shop), performed a duet they recorded a demo and after several failed attempts at recording companies, received his first offer from the company AandM and their first album, “Bryan Adams” under AandM Records label, was recorded in 1980 being produced by Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams, highlighting the issue “Remember.”
In 1981, under the label AandM Records, edits their second album You Want It – You Got It In collaborating on this album the keyboards Tommy Mandel, Brian Stanley on bass and Mickey Curry on drums, and Bryan Adams played guitar and piano. This album is the song like “Lonely Nights” which mark the style of some songs to come.
In 1983, Bryan’s integration with the great guitarist Keith Scott and bassist Dave Taylor, and recorded with them, the third studio album entitled Cuts Like A Knife, under the label AandM Records. This was his first great success, thanks to songs like “Cuts Like A Knife,” “Straight From The Heart,” “This Time” and “The Best Was Yet To Come” (a song written and dedicated posthumously to Dorothy Stratten , Canadian playmate playboy magazine who was murdered by her husband on August 14, 1980). Also, Bryan won his first platinum disc. This album was produced by Bryan Adams and Bob Clearmountain.
The year 1984 would highlight for Bryan Adams, since the launch of his album Reckless, won several awards and recognition (example, hosting the Juno Awards). Memorable songs like “Heaven,” “Summer of’69,” “Run To You, Somebody and endearing duet with Tina Turner,” It’s Only Love, “are even today considered classic rock themes. The theme “Kids Want to Rock” is another of the Canadian rocker emblems glimpse into this album, not as successful as its predecessors but with a little strong, a very attractive rate, with an electric guitar sound ritmica very powerful Tapping deep and sonorous, and this issue is one that belongs to the most rockers Bryanhas in its extensive repertoire. All songs on this album are compositions by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. This album was produced by Bryan Adams and Bob Clearmountain.
In the year 1987, comes the release of their not so successful (as compared with their previous album), Into The Fire, the fifth album from Bryan. Songs like “Hearts On Fire” and “Heat Of The Night”, which were chosen as singles were relatively successful. This album was produced by Bryan Adams and Bob Clearmountain.
In the year 1988 in Werchter, Belgium, Bryan performed until now considered his most prodigious concert, this is the Live! Live! Live!, Which was attended by over 50,000 people. Here, Bryan has a reminder of their classic hits, especially “Cuts Like A Knife” and “Reckless.” Originally, it had been arranged for the concert would be broadcast by TV, but such was the success and magnitude of the event and assist the public, who decided to record in its entirety and be exposed to the market.
In the year 1990, he participated in The Wall, one of the biggest and best-paid concert album in history, in which many artists of the rock world to participate along with the legendary band Pink Floyd, and more specifically with Roger Waters. In addition to the same Bryan, also was attended by the legendary banda Scorpions and Sinead O Connor. Bryan played “Young Lust” and “Empty Spaces” (the first, performed solo and the second duet with Roger Waters). Later this year, Bryan participated in the Rock Festival in Chile, held at the National Stadium of Santiago, next to Eric Clapton and David Bowie.
Published in 1991 Waking Up The Neighbors, whose most notable successes are “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” (banda sonora de la pelicula “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”), “Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven,

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