The Wedding

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The bride already in many department stores and catalogues has looked around for a suitable dress for the wedding day. That costs you usually many nerves, but as patience and again patience said. It is good, If in the family or in the circle a more or less professional photographer, because you want to get but beautiful photos to the memory of the wedding, which will look later perhaps even their own children. If such a person does not find, just turn to a Studio, where one is looking forward to new orders. On the wedding day, it is also important that thinks of the wedding cars, organized in a timely manner. Some brides and grooms create a wish list for her wedding gift, they take care of the flower decor, send invitations; the groom chooses a bride’s bouquet. Also the wedding rings are a very important thing, which you must choose so that they are not only beautiful, but also the right size and sitting comfortably on your finger.

The bride still thinks about usually also a lesson of dance, very thoroughly to prepare for their biggest day, it must be just about perfect. And also a hairdressing appointment is scheduled in advance. What is a wedding without a huge Wedding cake? There young people running around madly in the best bakeries, until they are satisfied with their choice then but at the end of. Some guests are arriving from remote locations, therefore it is the duty of the bride and groom to worry, what accommodation is there for these people. They are newspaper advertisements, prepared the rehearsal dinner. The drink issue must be clarified before the wedding. You can’t go around water, Cola, champagne, beer, lemonade, but following could get even: cobblers, slings, caipirinha, London fog, Florida comfort, KIR Royal, Highballs, Crusta, tequila sunrise. Now everything is finally ready for the wedding day, and we wish the wedding couple much happiness and joy in their life together.

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