The Twitter phenomenon is hooked to large companies.

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The use of Twitter is widespread among companies like management Ford, GM, coaching Home Depot and Dell. Even leaders this latest campaign has launched a discount on PC to the 11,000 who follow him on this platform. In the Superbowl this year, companies such as PepsiCo, HK ETrade Block or conversations turned to Twitter as advertising channel. Of all responses totaled 49.000 (posts). The German company sees Twitter Xing a key channel for companies to know that say about them in real time, through the search engine that includes the platform ‘to a complaint from a user, we can give an immediate response and that there is great value ‘he says. Companies such as Telefonica in Spain, BBVA, Caja Navarra, Banco Sabadell, HP, Panda Security, Xing or Vodafone already use microblogging. The primary use of Twitter by links these companies is to connect with partners and customers. It is a tool to keep in touch with society and the talks that are generated are increasingly collaborating with others, ‘with Twitter you can see what people want, what customers want to’ say the entrepreneurs. As for public uses, Twitter is also used as a skills vehicle for dissemination of information that companies want to training communicate to his followers, as well innovation as a channel for customer support customer service and retransmission of new events, such as launching new products or promotions. Twitter is a very innovative way of communication, and which allows the foot of the street and give a great transparency for customers. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is has been a member of major companies It strategy humanizes the communication between the brand and the consumer because there are no middlemen. Source:

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