The Thematic

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We can prove the idea of life associated with the freedom through the expressions: I want to live, to drink perfumes, wild flower, white candle, the future amongst others. In contraposition, we associate with the death the expressions: shady voice, sleep, cold ljea, terrible voice, funerary voice and others as we can verify in the stretches that if follow: ‘ ‘ Oh! I want to live, to drink perfumes In the wild flower, that embalms ares.’ ‘ (P. 72).

In contraposition with the following one: ‘ ‘ To die? to see dead person amongst nvoas the fanal, that in the guide in the storm: Condemned? to listen you fold of bell, – Voice of the death, that the death it lamenta.’ ‘ (P. 73). The poetry of I castrate Alves, thus, is characterized for the movement that communicates to everything, in a dinamizao of the life that does not exclude deceased, of where in ‘ ‘ When I morrer’ ‘ to compare them it: ‘ ‘ Shady emigrants who if embark For plagas without end of the other mundo.’ ‘ (P. 131). Thus, we perceive in this subject the problematic existencial, implying, mainly, the death and the questioning of the being of the poet.

Still regarding to the thematic castroalvina, it agrees to detach the thematic one of the gracious lyricism of the passions, of the loves. In these compositions and others of the same time one will notice that I castrate Alves had evolved for a more limpid form and some times same ‘ ‘ more it has taken and delicada’ ‘ (GOMES, 1971, p.16). The love if involves, many times, of sensuality, erasing itself it image of the pure and etrea woman, so decanted in the romantismo. The figure of the woman who appears in the first shade of ‘ ‘ The angels of the stocking noite’ ‘ , he is sensual.

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