the story of a mouse dancer…

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“This is the story of a mouse dancer. His name was Johann and lived in Vienna at the home of Johann Strauss.” Hans Conrad narrates.
On the walls of the home of Johann Strauss lived Johann Mouse (played by Jerry). The boy adored the melodies of Johann Strauss, and whenever the musician was playing on his piano, the mouse looked hypnotized, and began to dance. And whenever the dancing mouse, the cat Strauss (Tom) tried to catch it but failed.
“Every day, when the famous musician played, the small Johann could not resist the beautiful music. And every day, watching and waiting, was the cat.” At that time it was shown to Tom asechando while Jerry danced in the distance. “Every day, try to catch it. But failed.” Tom chases Jerry, but the mouse gets to his hole, and Tom is hitting the wall.
“But this is not discouraged, because they knew that when his master touch, the mouse would come out to dance, and might try it again.” Once again, Tom hit the wall.
“Again …” The same thing happens …
“… and again …” Tom falls through the window located on the hole Jerry.
“One day, the master was traveling. This let the cat in a serious predicament. I knew that if there was music, the mouse would not leave.” Tom goes into panic when they saw Strauss away in his chariot. Take a manual that was on the piano: “As a waltz playing in Rabbinical Supervision six easy steps by Johann Strauss.” “

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