The Peter Principle

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The “butterfly effect” is often thought of as a theory in chaos, while Murphy’s Law comes alive and begins to show the effects of “Peter Principle” and our life becomes a nightmare. Well, this is the last concept that we need to be defined. Who is the strategic decision maker? . In reality all decisions are, to the extent that any decision affecting the whole organization – remember the “butterfly effect” -. Strategist- word on the origin of the very definition of strategy – the dictionary -. The general, directs, ultimately the decision maker. The person who goes through the endless loop of “decision making” and does not die in the attempt.

The professional who makes good decisions making a facet in his life. Who has a habit of life “and also succeeds. Which is capable of setting objectives for the organization that depends on it, or assume ownership set by the organization’s top and set their own strategies at their level, to achieve those objectives. In short, anyone in the organization to take decisions. 3 – Conclusions – Summary: – The strategy is the way that organizations continue to achieve an objective – The process of strategic decision making is used to correct the course of the organizations – even if they are sole proprietorships – to a more desirable goal . – The Strategist is anyone who makes decisions. Everything else we can. Read, know or learn, or we can explain, or may be experiencing, say, etc.

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