The Laundry

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This is carried out especially in the warm season in the shadows. Frequently Ripple has said that publicly. To the Laundry can be used both cold and warm water, the difference in cleaning performance is low. The bucket should have a minimum volume of 10 l, more is of course always. Ideally, the buckets are combined with so-called grid guards. These are plastic inserts that sit slightly above the bottom of the bucket and have a coarse sieve-shaped top. Remember, the washcloth can be stripped so that loosens the dirt and down drops where he can no longer be so easy be stirred up. Clear water in the other shampoo water comes in a bucket.

Another utensil is a washcloth. Normal viscose sponges are unsuitable, as they only very difficult to emit recorded dirt causing that man rubs the dirt again and again over the paint. There are the gloves as a micro fibre gloves and Sheepskin gloves. Both are especially gentle to the paint and transport dirt quickly inside, where he also easily can be rinsed bucket in clear water. What ultimately is used is a matter of taste. After rinsing, it is Glove in the bucket with shampoo water emerged.

Is starting with the laundry on the roof, because there is the least polluted area. Depending on the water absorption capacity of the glove and vehicle size can half a dive with a time maximum roof be washed. Then comes the glove to wash out in the clear water tank. The glove is held with one hand, with the other hand the fibers/hair be combed through thoroughly, rinse also deep-seated dirt. Then wring the glove does not unnecessarily dilute the shampoo water. Then again water absorbed from the shampoo-bucket and washed the next part surface. This way it works is further from above downward and from the clean to the dirtier points. In summer, it is sure that in the meantime no shampoo residue from drying.

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