The Drug Budget-transfer Law

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The budgets of public health insurance for pharmaceuticals and drugs since the 01.01.2002 with the law for the relief of pharmaceuticals and drugs budget within the statutory health insurance has been abolished, which had hitherto led the expenditure on medicines, bandages and medicines for all contracted a doctors’ association submitted a spending limit. By the health department budgeting as a management tool to stabilize contribution rates for the statutory health insurance funds, replacement funds and company health insurance was introduced. For each calendar year was among the regional associations of statutory health insurance funds and associations of the compensation fund expenditure ceiling agreed upon a uniform and, together with the respective health insurance. A collective liability of the statutory health insurance has reached when the budget was exceeded. Problematic and also legally difficult to implement has been to reduce the total remuneration of the physicians health insurance in relation to the overrun of the budget. TheBudgets related to output volumes by target agreements are required to implement the health insurance under a federal framework agreement with the state associations of insurance funds, will be replaced by the drug budget transfer law. The surgeries will be determined by the health insurance each individual benchmarks during volume regulation by nationwide standards. The private health insurance advises the doctor initially in terms of economic regulation manner when it reaches the set benchmarks and exceeds the budget. In addition, individual regresses are possible within the framework of the audit. To create an incentive that the agreement on objectives will be met for a budget, in accordance with the Statutory Health Insurance Modernization a percentage of the agreed amount in the total remuneration paid to contracted agreements that do not exceed their benchmark volume, as bonuses are paid. First and foremost, the amount to be matched to information andBe advisory actions of the doctors on the quality and cost of drug supply related.

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