The Disobedience

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But it also has the gregrias species, that they live in great bandos, the clouds. They are presented in yellow, green, red, ash or brown. The formation of clouds is seen as an unexpected event. But it has who binds this fact to the variations of the climate. A cloud can present about 15 a thousand grasshoppers for square meter and containing 10 billion insects. This is enough to close the time and to hide the Sun in a 1.800 area of km2. The clouds> God uses the figure of a terrible insect stops showing in them what the disobedience and the infidelity cause in our lives. Some understood, and studious believe that these four species, are four periods of training of the life of this type of grasshopper.

1- The LIZARD or CUTTER This would be> the first larval period of training of the life of insects also known for being of the order of the lepidopterans. They have aspects of worms and if they feed voraciously, reaching until the size of about 10 cm In its majority, them if they feed of leves. To the measure that grows the dumb lizard of skin for you vary times, after fixing in some place, for then reaching one another period of training of its life. REVELATION: This is the first cause of the disobedience and the infidelity. Not one, but a legion of demons who reach leves, that is, the beauty of the life of somebody, the family of somebody, voraciously eating what it would be pleasant to our eyes, leaving many people without brightness, where goes being or if becoming mirradas people and cabisbaixas. Shepherds who lose the pleasure to nail the word, levitas that already are not glad in praising the God with the Church, workers who already not the church in the days of cults, parents go more whom they do not love plus its children and vice versa.

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