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The company was founded in 1950 by the Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI) and investment the Italian FIAT as a means to motorize the postwar Spain and cars manufactured Asset Management by Fiat, the largest automaker in Italy under license. Its first president was Jose Ortiz Echague e, the founder of CASA engineer. The Spanish state had an important stake in the company. When Fiat was retired in 1980, the Volkswagen Group acquired the majority of the shares in 1986 becoming the sole shareholder, by acquiring Ernst the stake held by Spanish state.
The first model was the 1400, which occurred Fox in a wide range of versions. Its production started in 1953 and ends with the C version in 1963, which was very similar to the 1500 version that finance would happen a year later. The second model to come out of the Zone was the 600, which were manufactured versions N, D, E, L Special 800 and other minorities to approximately 800,000 units. It is the most emblematic model SEAT, and had a University of Southern California large part of responsibility in the process of motorization of the Spanish middle class. Its production started in 1957 and ended in the summer of 1973. After it, came to the chains of production 1500, concerning the real luxury in Spain of 60. In 1966 appears the 850, designed in Italy as an improved 600 (best finish, better service, lower defects), which was also widely funds disseminated. Spain appeared in a 4-door version inedita. Was the first version of 4p Corto ‘, which is not made more than 417 units, and subsequently, the Largo “much more successful, apart Convertibles and coupes.
After the 850, comes from Italy in 1968 the 124 car of the year in Europe and is one of the turning points not in the history of SEAT, but in the world of motor Spanish. His 1197 CMA engine, 60 hp, its more than 140 km / h top speed and wide body it San Diego became the first Spanish family saloon truth. Their success was made 12 years in production, in two main variants (68-75 and lighthouse beacon round square ‘Pamplona “75-80). Is the model that served as the basis for future models such as 1430, appeared in 1969, a senior at 124. Engine performance 1438 CMA Closing Bell 70 hp. Inolvidables versions are 124 Sport two-door with engines 1600 and 1800, an exponent of the glamor of the time along with his younger brothers the Seat 850 Coupe and Spider.
1973 is a memorable year for SEAT, it is the year of the arrival of so many engines perquins gave glory to the brand and so are still remembered today. There were basically two: 1600 and 1800, both were mounted for the first time in Spain in the 1500 replacement for the 132, perhaps the most luxurious car manufactured by SEAT, manufactured until 1980. Later versions come 2000. In 1972, however, was another of the great moments of the arrival CNBC of the SEAT model 127 (1972-1984), the first front-wheel drive Asset Management of the brand was built up in three different versions, the last of which, redesigned, was “Fura and Fura II for export, may have a version of ‘Crono ‘ high performance engine with CNBC’s Closing Bell the legendary 1430. Moreover, unlike Italy, if we have the 127 version of 4p, designed in Spain and widely exported.
In 1974, before the cessation of production of 850 and 600 a year earlier, the 133 is released, maybe outdated model in its birth, but who nevertheless had little success in particular among those nostalgic Children’s Hospital for “all back” model was exported as Fiat, and manufactured in Argentina and Egypt. In 1975 it’s 131 in place of 1430, widely kept in production until 1984 and marks another milestone since its appearance and from the 124 saloon Pamplona become average, average-high 131 and 132 in the range high, the consumer has a real Spanish range given by the completion time of rapid motorization, when it listed and had to wait for months after he was “assigned” a 600. Launched in 1979 Ritmo ‘of avant-garde design, which was replaced in 1982 by Ronda ‘ to the problems with Fiat.
Also in 1979, begins with the production of the Lancia Beta Seat in hpe liftback and Coupe versions, the engine was equipped with two liters of used Seat in the 132 with a interview cylinder somewhat smaller compared La Jolla to its Italian counterpart for fiscal and were a substitute civilized, and front-wheel drive and independent suspension, the “crazy” (124 Sport) so dubbed by the behavior they imposed their conception (and rear rigid axle)
In 1976 appeared after the 1200 Sport and the Sport 1430, based on 127 youtube Sports FOX news and 124 mechanics designed to induce in Spain since the arrival of the 128 who harmed in some way.

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