The Archiving Tool

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Efficient solutions for the management in many companies the storage of daily documents is a time-consuming and space-consuming evil. So dream of management and employees to a paperless office, where documents required if necessary can be simply called and printed. It would be a great relief and practical for all company members, not having to search to find a confirmation or a quote from earlier times in tons of folders. Within the framework of innovative IT this is finally not wishful thinking. A meaningful archiving tool from the home Ropardo takes the backup and supports the respective company to focus its energies on the real core competence. All documents can be scanned quickly and safely and reliably this archived.

Below are the documents within the archiving tool, the whole House over variable search criteria available. Is a good and sophisticated archiving tool in the Usage, sales via search functions such as ordering or order numbers accesses as fast as the accounting, which can find relevant documents about customer data. Subject to retention account statements, for example, are for years promptly hand this way. The archiving tool DOX of Ropardo AG increases the efficiency in all areas of management, saves storage costs and reduced personnel expenses, finding old documents in dusty archives. Different documents are collected with this archiving tool, secured and are permanently in the electronic form available. An expression is hereafter possible at any time in many places. DOX text speicherungen can format and make available in documents with individually selected layout. The essential data protection is guaranteed through SSL connections and accessed via custom login parameters. The provider Ropardo specialized on tour operators providing outsourcing, that opened the possibility of meaningful and cost-cutting, the entire Accept and manage their customer data management properly, secure and user friendly.

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