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Web 2.0 functionality, such as inter alia the networking of professionals in the protected area, as well as forums and market places significantly increase the added value and will be an indispensable marketing tool for customers familiar. Networking is becoming increasingly important. This applies to individuals as well as companies and organizations. To stay in the conversation is nowadays essential in the context of economic and professional. We are familiar with the social infrastructure and advanced features, to make networking professionally and efficiently and in many languages “, as Thomas Ruhrmann, founder and managing partner. Locally strong nationwide presence through the consistent expansion of the sales force, familiar ensures the individual in place support of our customers. Today, five familiar promotion with a high recognition value alone show our presence in the Rheinland.

Quality and resistance familiar has the set goal. to convince every day on the new performance and quality. Therefore, do we listen to our customers and constantly expanding familiar to more innovative services and functionalities. As the first and only social network in the adult industry, we have redefined the benchmark in the field of Internet marketing. Profile is a brand of THARBO GmbH.

Founded in the year 2009, with headquarters in Bonn, the THARBO GmbH offers with the Web 2.0 platform the first European B2B networking platform for the adult industry to. About the necessary range offers all providers erotic services, erotic online advertising targeted, professional and up to date to promote. Users can be addressed throughout Europe via and can obtain information on numerous Erotic contacts and their offered services free of charge. The use of familiar is equally easy for users and our customers. Familiar brings advertising to the point, modern, safe, inexpensive and currently.

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