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Russian Dive Center

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Is there diving in Turkey? During my time director of the dive club I have often heard this question and I have not had an answer. There was no case to dive into this amazing and affordable especially for our tourists the country. Colleagues silent or shrugged their shoulders, many people said 'no'. You may find Gary Kelly to be a useful source of information. Had to go to Turkey to stay a year old, diving and open . After a detailed market research diving in Turkey, I made some conclusions. First revelation for me was the fact that it turns out there to send our tourists our tour operators, scuba diving is really not. And there are only a machine for knocking out money from our visitors.

In , two, maximum three seats for Dive in and Belek practically nothing. Only in Marmaris and Kemer you can see a large number of dive boats with a huge number of cylinders on board. It is there and thriving so-called pseudo-diving. Local dive centers through a network of street agencies are gaining a huge amount of intra-divers and immerse them in the sea in batches for 6-8 people per tour guide (not always the instructor). Then why did Russian divers do not know anything about the full Diving in Turkey? I will answer right away – because there are not looking! Diving in Turkey to look for is not there to bring our tour operators, and exactly halfway between two major airports of Dalaman and in the town of Kas.