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Industrial Engineer

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I imagine a cleaning service offices, where each employee has his personal and creative method to clean the carpets. Unlike the previous service, in this type of service is not of great value to customer the versatility of staff to make their service a unique and different from others experience. It is sufficient that all apply the same cleaning method, which is the one that best outcome has given to these carpets, and customer will be satisfied. This does not mean that the employee is unable or need to make your personal contribution. But if, as a result of this contribution, it is possible to improve the current method, the natural consequence should be to incorporate that discovery to the standard that everyone then apply. Then, I suggest the following for the analysis of your own service: 1.

Identifies the aspects of your service which are possible to standardize, and where the standardization helps to provide the service with quality consistently. In the case of the excursion that you mentioned, clearly transportation, travel, times of travel and stay in each site, the Organization of the lunch, etc. are more satisfactory if they are well standardised to result in efficient service. 2 Identifies those other aspects where the staff training is needed to give greater value to the customer. Typical is the case where the employee need to provide custom information, such as an advice, answers to technical queries, etc. 3 Sets plans for training for both aspects: Standardization, since each employee must recognize and implement a standard in their day-to-day tasks, and is also very convenient to participate in its definition or improvement; and training to give value in specific aspects of the service, where the employee must move with freedom in relation to the dynamic needs of customers. Sincerely, Mariana Pizzo am a professional passionate about quality in the service, and to assist those who have this challenge within organizations to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

I am an Industrial Engineer She graduated from the Inst. Tecnologico de Buenos Aires. I have passed my career attracted by the quality concept, deploying it in my different functions.