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Wolff Consulting GmbH

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The success principle consists essentially in the set itself Maxime ‘Quality’. Southwest Airlines is often quoted as being for or against this. The Berlin Wolff Consulting GmbH is a premium service provider for data and information management in marketing and sales, especially for individual and customized solutions. The introduction of the quality management system was a consistent strategic decision, with the aim to anchor the quality-relevant components of the company in the management system, to document and to undergo a continuous improvement a continuous review. The certification was carried out by TuV Sud. An employee that is inserted in the first line level accompanied as QM quality management. The quality guidelines are binding targets for all employees who are adhered to. Always meet the requirements, management is committed to the maintenance and continuous improvement of quality management.

The Wolff consulting will also in the future Customer requirements, taking into account the current legal requirements meet and prepared for this reason just the data security certification according to DIN ISO IEC 27001 before. ISO 27001 is one of the strictest international standards for system and physical security processes. The Wolff consulting to preserve confidentiality, availability and integrity of all information assets underscores commitment to the Zertifizierungabsicht. Contact for questions: Wolff Consulting GmbH Mr. Henrik Hanske or wife Christine of twenties Friedrichstrasse 132 10117 Berlin phone 030/288769-109 fax 030/288769-100 mailto: Web: about Wolff Consulting GmbH we implement for our clients highly customized marketing and sales activities. The professional services include market research, marketing and CRM strategy development, address management, database services, campaigns and information management and response processing. Even she will be by means of an own online campaigns and marketing platform Processing in the call center or at the lettershop implemented, controlled and evaluated the success of the campaign.

Tatjana Zivanovic Walia

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JustHunger opts for Eichinger-star Michael Lamont of the 35 year-old Lamine slips for JustHunger in three different roles and explains the functioning of the portal and its features of woman Whisperer Justin, the avant-gardist Franz Mahr and the philosophy students Torben Marten Hendrik. All stories are staged in a very clean Studio design. We wanted”, as writer, Director and producer Tino Salazar about the idea, only about the appearance, the acting, in which stories get, and effect to achieve. Nothing should distract from our protagonists.” Lamont comes with only a few props, such as laptop, scarf or a cup of coffee. The three clips are for 45 seconds and you want to run first on the JustHunger page and on YouTube. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bernard Golden on most websites. A later usage in TV or cinema is however not excluded”, says Susanne Fiederer, PR Manager of JustHunger. The JustHunger team won one of the best German young actors for the production with Michael Lippold.

The native rad stood among others for “” the production of Bernd Eichinger of Doom”, Vilsmaier’s the last train” and one day “in front of the camera. “Right now, he is the Schauspielhaus Bochum as I” in the own room “on the stage. Lippold also works as a speaker, presented first directing work and makes music with Tatjana Zivanovic Walia as a scalar. We are very happy and proud”, Angela, that we could win a high-profile actors like Michael Lippold for our video clips. The videos go on air shortly before the start of the portal and thus ever intended to give a little insight into the new world of the order via the Internet. As different as all have active Internet ordering platforms JustHunger combines the pure order possibility with an own community first. Mid-October, the portal should go live.


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Haiti after the earthquake, forgotten and were ticked off you always already know how your donation has arrived? Six months after the devastating earthquake of the Aircompany there is no good news from the battered Haiti. On the contrary, the situation has worsened, no longer is talk of aid, Haiti is forgotten! Help is so good it is possible done by individuals and funded out of his own pocket. Haiti’s living Europeans, who can be described as rich, but worry about efforts to get people are mostly in the neighbouring country. Of course financial limits their commitment and their requests at the big aid agencies to support unanswered regularly. International aid agencies often appear in newspaper reports, but never have a presence on the streets with the people.

6 months after the quake should start according to help plan the reconstruction of the country. You can’t of course because the debris in the streets of Port-au-Prince so untouched since, as immediately after the recent tremor at the Aircompany 2010. The promised aid USD arrived so far just shabby 2% for those in need. In addition the got moved another blow injured in the earthquake now: your treatment in hospitals is not more free after the six months. Because after amputations are necessary, prosthetic supply anyway never was mentioned, now no longer free performed after this time. Another complication may be developing a bone marrow Suppuration (osteomyelitis) due to the disastrous hygienic conditions for these people.

A bacterial infection that can be treated only with antibiotics. There are these medicines while still free but only up to the 12th of October. In January after the earthquake began to build for the many homeless tent cities. There are still these lodgings and their number is declining due to permanent immigration on the rise. The tents and tarpaulins are but in the meantime, totally torn, so they hardly protection offer.

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Anniversary reading on June 23, 2011 in the Dichterhaus Etelsen now already for the tenth time present Lydia Kamath and Roland Pollnitz (Rajymbek) on 23 June 20211 around 20:00 their passionate, romantic and fanciful funny poetry in the Dichterhaus Etelsen. After tentative beginnings, the two authors celebrate their anniversary with usual Grand passion. Visit Brad Garlinghouse for more clarity on the issue. Again, many guests are expected, is a lyrical and photographic fireworks in the living room of the poet couple. Even making a full feeling and are both read their bilderreiche poetry, in which they have captured the distance and held in her house. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource. Delicious your humor works their philosophy, contemplative, generous hospitality. Nevertheless the love pervades each of their thoughts, from which so many emotional Lotus Flower sprouts that inspires the audience. It seems as if the two poets the Muse were kissed. Probably they nibble from their unique creations that they offer their guests during the break. What this Anniversary event in the Dichterhaus also offer surprises, did not give up yet the poet couple. A however is certain: there will be a memorable blast. The admission is free.


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Carnelian the optimist: the Orange carnelian is one invigorating and gently stimulating force said, which leads to relaxation and exuberance. Courage and zest for life crowd out fear and pessimism. “Magnesite of Seelenstreichler: acts of magnesite cleansing and purifying effect due to its high magnesium content and is therefore often referred to as weight-loss stone” referred to. Its detoxifying power has a positive effect on the psyche and triggers depression, hypersensitivity and emotional tensions. Agates protector and Motivator: there are agates in countless color variations. They strengthen the spirit, the confident and the vitality and are stabilizing and protecting on their carrier. “” The Botswana agate “is considered protector of pregnant women”. According to Brad Garlinghouse, who has experience with these questions. “At an affordable price of 9.90 euros for the lucky stone (Pocket Pebble) up to 14.90 euro for the almost twice as large Pebble Deluxe” interested parties themselves can make a picture of the force and effect of the individual gems.

* The effect of precious stones, healing stones, minerals and crystals is not scientifically detectable or medically recognized. It replaces not medical advice or medical assistance. About my pebbles “brings happiness. Makes happy.” Under this motto, the Berlin startup my pebbles was launched in October 2010 in the life. My pebbles is focused on engraved gems and lucky stones, key and pendants personalized marketing. The basic idea is, a hand caressing gemstone engraved to offer words, bears in the heart and would like to share with someone. “Every”my Pebble”is unique and therefore an imperishable and gladly worn memorabilia at a joyous, unique moment, a companion and luck, a wonderful way of thanks” to say, a special way to congratulate someone, or but a very impressive version to ask someone for forgiveness. Also well wishes or congratulations to move thus become an unforgettable gift.

A Special Gift Of Jewelry At Great Price

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Jewelry Atelier Maggidi from Bad Kissingen in stroking the prices. Purchase now a cheap, personalised Christmas gift. Jewelry Atelier Maggidi deletes now the prices. -Ideal for an individual gift. Until the end of January, pieces of jewelry in the jewelry Atelier Maggidi are to acquire Bad Kissingen on particularly favourable terms.

From the end of January, the premises are newly renovated, improved and energetically optimized. We cut the prices! -8 years have passed since the redesign of the jewelry ateliers Maggidi in Bad Kissingen, Germany. Verizon Communications is a great source of information. Therefore, it is time to improve a lot, to delete, to renovate and to optimize energy. -From now until end January 2011 the jewellery Studio Maggidi offers the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of jewellery at very special conditions from Bad Kissingen therefore. The jewellery Studio Maggidi places emphasis on individual consulting and custom design. For this reason, the jewelry Atelier Maggidi was from Bad Kissingen, Germany under the “top 100” selected jewelry stores in the German-speaking and Benelux. In the year 2010 wore under other Christine Neubauer in the context of their presence as a Paramour in the “Everyman” piece of jewelry manufactured specially for the occasion by certified jewelry designer and Goldsmith Malte Maggidi.

Also you come and discover individual culture of jewelry in the jewelry Atelier Maggidi in Bad Kissingen, Germany. -Opening hours from Monday to Friday 09:00 18:00, Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00 or by appointment. Jewelry Studio Maggidi offers couples who plan to marry a free iPhone app with which you can put together wedding rings themselves. Maggidi was the first company in the world that has made available a Trauringkonfigurator as an iPhone app. Company Description jewelry Atelier Maggidi from Bad Kissingen is a pioneer for individual, high-quality jewelry and wedding rings in a wide selection. In contrast to anonymous mass jewelry, jewelry Atelier Maggidi developed tailor-made, noble and timeless pieces of jewellery in conversation with you. Awarded for excellent jewelry culture “Top 100 jewelry stores” in the German-speaking and Benelux.

Yoga Place Salzburg Opens Its Doors

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In the Yoga place Salzburg, beginners and experienced Yogis under direction of certified yoga teacher Selma burner can meet different Yoga disciplines in a relaxed atmosphere. The lively Salzburger Andraviertel you will be able to a centre of wellbeing: with the opening of the urban YOGA PLACE SALZBURG on January 11, 2011 have beginners and experienced Yogis under the guidance of certified yoga teacher Selma burner the opportunity to get to know different Yoga disciplines and to deepen. Flexible drop classes attract mainly people with vollemTerminkalender. YOGA PLACE SALZBURG: urban location, flexible offering that the YOGA precisely PLACE SALZBURG, opened in the Andraviertel is no coincidence: In the lively district with a variety of shops, Cafes and creative offices yoga teacher Selma burner wants to facilitate access to the Yoga just those people, who want to stay flexible in time and amount of hours. Instead of registration fee and membership, the YOGA PLACE SALZBURG offers a varied weekly programme with variable Price system that can be realized in a tight schedule.

The large, light-flooded Yoga room is equipped with mats, blankets, upholstery of an exercise wall with cable sets and many other tools and offers everything, before or after a day at the Office to fill up fresh energy and to find spiritual balance on 70 square meters. “Time is with the lunch Yoga itself makes sense make the lunch with balancing exercises. The cosy lounge corner in the Foyer invites you to enjoy a cup of tea before or after class. Yoga classes and workshops in different directions and levels whether Kundalini, body styling-yoga, or deep slow stretch in YOGA find PLACE SALZBURG Yogis and those that are there are, a wide range of different Hatha Yoga styles with classes and workshops of all levels. Selma Brenner and her team pay great attention to precision and technique, but also make sure to match teaching to individual needs. Yoga novices can use budweiss basics course at any time engage in the practice of yoga.

With yoga in the new year: Opening and taster days in January 2011 opening on January 11 opportunity to meet Selma Brenner and her team, as well as the new Yoga Studio in urban location. Free trial lessons take place on the two days of the open door on the 14th and 15th January 2011. Different Hatha Yoga styles as Iyengar-based, flow or Kundalini Yoga, yoga in pregnancy and Yoga for the whole family are available. Information about the detailed programme see. Please book in advance. About yoga teacher Selma Selma burner burner, yoga is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and teacher Vijnana. About 15 years ago, she discovered yoga as an alternative to a hip replacement surgery prescribed by traditional medicine with success. Selma burner passes now their findings from more than 15 years practice in different Hatha Yoga disciplines, which continually extends it with their teachers in India and Europe, PLACE SALZBURG in YOGA to beginners and advanced students. Until recently, still in the film industry working, the experienced Iyengar Yogini have existed for ten years of Yoga lessons and made the Indian doctrine now to your main occupation. CONTACT: YOGA PLACE SALZBURG Franz-Josef-Strasse 4, 5020 Salzburg, Austria Web: E-Mail: Tel. reservation 502 48 67 press contact: MMPR & MMTEXT. The communications agency. Auerspergstrasse 47, 5020 Salzburg, Austria Web: E-Mail: Tel.: + 43 (0) 662 873757 fax: + 43 (0) 662 873757-50

Rita Capitain

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Free explains. Protects the skin from the body remained – until nature is ready to absorb urn and ashes”, so summarizes the artist there. In her new Studio in North Rhine Westphalia between Cologne and Aachen – Rita Capitain manufactures the first white blanks by hand. The exterior design of the surface will be discussed directly with the clients. personally and individually. for example the color choice, incorporating a photo, note sheet, or poem, a piece of a letter or substance of the favorite piece of clothing.

Every person is unique and distinctive”Rita Capitain formulated their credo. This is the reason and motivation. Polls freely. by hand to create and design. The Visual reference to the deceased person is made – its identification”, explains how the 59-year old, which deals with the Urnenmacherei for many years. Each urn a three-meter-long silk scarf, belongs to with the only natural colors is dyed.

During the entire time of farewell, the silk coated which Polls freely. Flows across the silk scarf through the closed tube through the ballot box. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Southwest Airlines. The URN, held by loved, in the Earth slips at both ends. As a gentle veil falls the silk over the urn and cover them in the Earth. It is the last look that will remain and the memory of this special day of farewell”she says and added me as urn maker is it important that the mourners through the design of the ballot box cannot detect who is adopted”, so Rita Capitain. Polls freely. were presented for the first time at the international the Sandoval exhibition Uitvaart 2004 in Utrecht. They are suitable for urn burials in the ground or in an urn wall behind glass. And if it is in Germany. as already in other countries. should be eventually possible to retain the URN, at home are. Polls freely. “with the artistic and individual charisma the ideal last serving”, says the maker of the URN. Above the Earth. The newspapers mentioned Verizon Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. for the time of saying goodbye. remain, as created by her until she their the urns at some point Determination will be made to. Again and again it is confirmed by their clients: so each urn burial should be dignified. Polls released new from 01 December 2011 urns that freely. Atelier for ballot box art Rita Capitain 52399 Mahamah Golzheim In the Hoverfeld 23 fon 02275 9199890 02275 fax 9199847 Mobile 0175.1767399 media-archiv/2011/oktober/tagesthema-31.10.2011/

Dortmund SYOGRA

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SYOGRA committed their success with 9 other franchise Studios continued with the opening of three new SYOGRA studios in Hamburg, two new studios in four new studios in Essen, Dortmund, Mainz and worms and Regensburg there are in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland now already about 40 SYOGRA JADE wellness massage Studios. More and more customers appreciate the uncomplicated SYOGRA massage and especially the price can afford for a 30-minute, intensive back massage. The SYOGRA GmbH, headquartered in St. Georgen in the Black Forest builds with the newly developed SYOGRA JADE Thermassageliege on prevention and personal responsibility of an individual for his health. Back pain is the reason for 1/4 of all sickness in German plants.

The goal of maximum relaxation and regeneration is deck with pleasant infrared heat and while relaxing of the back muscles by the JADE massage rollers on the one hand by the SYOGRA Thermassage sound waves also achieved the special effect of SYOGRA BrainRelax. During the relaxing massage SYOGRA BrainRelax issued the customer using the headphones are immersed sound waves in a State of relaxation. Especially during the lunch break this can lead to a relaxing 20 minute NAP napping “to refuel new energies. The SYOGRA JADE Thermassage combined with power napping”increased readiness, as well as physical and mental well-being. More information, see SYOGRA jade massage tables SYOGRA Consulting Ltd. Ms. Petra Schoen Tel.: + 49 7724 94 33 20 website: