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But the license and governed fairly principled reason for choosing DC. Should be given to attention to the site of a broker complete postal and banking details. Professional popularity selected broker look at blogs, ratings of financial institutions and conferences. It is also very important to hear views of more experienced traders. Clearly the network is fully customized reviews and ratings, but if the DC with reguyarnym constancy goes vlidery of bad faith from forum to forum, it's an excuse to think about Raisonne work with this firm. I think needless to say that working with him is better not to start. Carefully read all the papers, which will need to sign up. Pay special attention to the terms of trade.

Quite often, unscrupulous brokers introduce additional restrictions in trade. The most popular items are the mandatory number of transactions over a certain period of time. Or it may have a point regulating the duration trade deal before its closing. Eslikompaniya abroad and provides a contract in English only, it is not greedy and use the services of professional translators. Heed to the signing contract. The terms of trade are not important enough. By the rules of trade are: the exact quotes and Competitive spreads, trading with guaranteed execution of pending orders, advanced trading platform, a wide tools, charge% on the balance of free funds.

Novice traders in the selection of DC in the first place paying a look at the size of the spread. A broker that enjoy and lured traders advertising that "only we have the spread on Basic setup is very small. " I think a serious and sustained a broker is unlikely to be dempingovat at this point. Simply spread is the main income of the broker. I think that a wide range of tools that is available for Trade customers to the company, plays an important role. Evaluate all these factors need to trade terminal company to open a demo account. I think the presence of frequent requotes, slippage, breakage of communication and other such moments or their absence will help you to choose.