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A Man Who Said Do Not Believe In God

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A man who said not to believe in Dios by Serafin Alarcon has not happened to you that you’ve raised and since you put your feet on the ground again and again comes the idea of doing something? Well, to me I spend something like six months ago. It was an urge to go out and evangelize more early of what Quero usually do say, that I am almost always to that of the 10.30 am somewhere taking the word, but that day in particular was not the same. I felt that I should prepare myself fast and direct me to the place already the Lord had entrusted to me. So, at 8.30 am as I was in a residential area of Salinas. ar picture of the situation. I imagine that people face when you see me so early I thought. In the end, that when you call the first House, went a little rough gentleman and told me: I do not believe in God! I know, I can imagine your faces, I stayed in one piece, I didn’t know that respond to that surprise welcome.

Usually people use thousand excuses to not attend you, but this was not an excuse, what was a solid blow low, one that left me almost no air then answer:-Wow, my brother you me to left without words. I don’t know, nor tell you because he did not expect an approach of that nature so early in the morning. But hey, this well could then help the less this servant with a pesetita for the support of the Ministry? -Come now answer anger to find the pesetita? I said to myself. -Have two dollars – Alleluia, cannot be this is a miracle! Comment. And is that beloved, by the nature of my work on a daily basis I visit many communities and I sometimes come with people that announces with a sticker in the truck or with a sign on the balcony of the House be Christians. Nothing, when you come and talk to them of Christ do not let you or start and you cut fast.

And ask or request help or talk to many when you do approach and ask even if it is a pesetita for the support of the Ministry, you look up and down and think so much whether or not to exercise mercy and mercy. Ironically, the man in this story not announcing any God and however showed more love than many who say they are the people of God. -You see in a year again, maybe that time God to do another miracle through you I told him. Man do not answer, just dismissed me with a simple smile and a reflective look. Luke 19: 40, answering, said to them: I tell you that if these silent stones clamarian.