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Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informs many women and increasingly men take the extensive offers of nail care and Beatystudios, as an integral part of a perfectly manicured exterior beautiful finger nails. As a weekly visit to the manicure but often not in the schedule fits, you but still not fresh sprawls or modeled nails wants to forgo the impression, it applies to note some significant things to get beautiful nails home beautiful. The be-all and end-all of perfect nail care at home is an comprehensive and tailored especially to the needs from an experienced Naildesigners. This determines the type of nail on natural nails and recommends the best skin care products, so that also at home nothing can go wrong. For wearers of artificial nails, her everyday life plays an important role.

Shape and length of the tips should be optimized so that they disrupt the work nor leisure activities. Were these factors taken into account and the nails professionally modeled, not do artificial finger nails normally problems, provided their wearer maintains a careful handling of them. Because even if artificial nails to heroics lead, there are still no tools. You should not expect things that you don’t do with your natural nails, also the artificial nails, to prevent chipping of the paint or cancel the nails. In the maintenance of natural nails, the most accidents happen by using the wrong nail files. Metal files or rough plastic filing quickly lead to cracks in the nails or perforate the paint. With painted nails, you should take general care to avoid prolonged contact with strong sun or solarium, or to use a special excess paint that counteracts a coloring of the colour coating. Who wears sculptured nails, should be in addition to the usual measures of care also definitely not to refill treatments at least every four weeks should be carried out, do without.

Shorter treatment intervals this guarantee a consistently perfect nail design and save time. To enjoy sculpted nails or manicured to be able to cultivate nails also home competent, professional and individual advice in a professional nail care and beauty Studio is essential. The Studio offers beauty-conscious women and men nail & beauty aunt in Tuttlingen exactly the correct place for this. Birgit Neumeyer and her team are customers in the best possible hands. It takes appointment requests, always happy.