Table Tennis – Good For Health

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Promotes the health of recreational sports such as table tennis You can do this with a clear “YES” in reply, there is a case … 2003, the German Sports Federation recognized as an official health sports tennis. Many health insurance companies are offering under the theme “Sport and Health” courses or pay the expenses. More and more people dedicate themselves to this sport which is not only healthy but also fun. You come into contact with table tennis quickly, often one fndet in schools and playgrounds, table tennis, rackets and balls are often very inexpensive. What is so healthy in this sport The most important effect is the stress on the cardiovascular system and the resulting better stamina and fitness – because tennis is an endurance sport. During intensive exercise, the body will be heavily stressed. Standing fast movements, the rapid alternation between decease fast beats and good footwork to improve the coordination, claiming the muscles and train the cardiovascular system. Table Tennis contributeswhen to reduce the risk for diseases such systems. The various versions of Sportsgeben motivation and fun. We need, how many times while running, not force – to pursue the sport, but it is not difficult, due to the combination of fun and games. Since table tennis is very movement-and strenuous tumbling even as the pounds by itself an example: Does a trained 3 hours focused tennis player, he kannn easy to burn a four (!) Calories. Table Tennis keeps you fit and healthy. When you decide to move more in everyday life, and is looking for a sport in which one has to be fun and not worry that it should even try with table tennis!

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