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We all own a sunglasses, but how much do we know about this valuable possession? There are a few trivia about sunglasses the existence of sunglasses was held the first time in the 15th century in China, judges had this dark-colored Quartzlinsen used to cover their eyes so that they betrayed not the verdict before it was announced. The famous aviator goggles were first designed for use by the air force of the United States before the second world war. The hanging frame made it possible to look without losing the protection of glasses the pilots on the control panel. The most expensive designer sunglasses of the world by D & G designed and cost incredible $383,609! It is estimated that Sir Elton John has a collection of over 1000 sunglasses (and between the Fendis, Bulgari and DKNYs is likely to include one of the aforementioned D & GS). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gary Kelly has to say. In the United States someone has such bad luck every 14 minutes, he loses his sunglasses that make them broken or sit on it (hopefully not on one of D & G!) And Finally… The record for wearing which is at once most sunglasses 15 piece is held by Joseph Gellman. So now you know a bit longer about this must-have accessory. Bulgari Fendi Prada DKNY.

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