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To LOR is not written in English, I recommend the English translation is attached and placed them with a foreword states: "For your convenience, the following is the English translation of the attached letter. (Not to be confused with Coupang!). Counselors provide all LOR from high school. Students should be advised not to submit any sealed or unsealed LOR obtaining their own and out of school! Any LOR from someone other than a teacher or counselor should be sent by the person who wrote it, not the student. All LOR must be addressed as follows: Date (Be sure to include student SS # or School ID number.) named name of College Director, if known Director of Admissions Street or PO Box City, State, Zip, Zip 4 if available RE: Student Name Dear Director: Unless you know his name Following these instructions, students will likely increase its advantage? even if it is a farewell speech! The best students also have an advantage because they are competing against other exceptional students! Students with less number of individuals who are more likely to be accepted into the admissions process, with slopes of LOR. Each student needs that all-important advantage in all aspects of the admission process. Without outstanding LOR, the acceptance probability is reduced proportionally.

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