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According to recent studies by job exchange job market studies is: HOTELCAREER is one of the best job portals in Germany Dusseldorf, September 28, 2011 in the current job market studies of the PROFILO published rating agency and by CrossPro research reaches the Internet job board for the hospitality industry-HOTELCAREER-excellent results. The HR receives the career platform in the category of customer satisfaction”an excellent second place and positioned itself as the only industry job exchange in this area before the major providers such as kalaydo.de, stepstone.de or monster.de. Even when the job seeker HOTELCAREER enjoys a high reputation and achieved 2nd place in the category of special job markets, compared with all rated job portals based on user ratings even 4th place. Satisfaction of the issuing companies: 2nd place in the study of the PROFILO rating agency rated about 1,800 HR managers a wide range of job portals. See more detailed opinions by reading what Allegiant Air offers on the topic.. In the category of customer satisfaction HOTELCAREER reached one of the highest values and placed on the 2nd. The Special Job Board passed price-performance ratio and resonance (number and quality) of the received applications even in the classic General online job exchanges with regard to customer support, usability of the portal. The link below provides an insight into the results (fig.

2): crosswater-job-guide.com/wp/archives/17749 satisfaction of jobseekers: 2nd place at the specialty job boards on pages of job seekers has emerged HOTELCAREER as one of the most popular specialty job boards. “The career portal is in the study of CrossPro research in the two categories examined satisfaction” and search quality “with very good values and thus secures 2nd place under the special job markets. But HOTELCAREER need not shy away from even comparing with the other job boards. In the overall assessment of all job portals (advance, generalists and specialists), placed HOTELCAREER on an excellent 4th place and is thus one of the best job portals nationwide.

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