Spaetzle, Just For The “Swabian Palate”

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Is it just for Schwaben Spaetzle It’s possible to scrape, because the “spaetzle, spaetzle press or slice spaetzle” was always associated with much trouble and also get tons of skill. Can you first of all because each of these devices, the dough had to vote tig 100%, if not, there was usually a disaster. Almost every “Swabian housewife” has developed so well for your favorite device its very special way as they prepared their dough. There were housewives start at eight in the morning to beat the dough to make the dough then rest afterwards. Of course, not without, that every time when they participate in the bowl over the dough came back strongly to beat by at least 5 minutes. This allows the dough was pretty tough, and faced a lot of strength to be pressed by the spaetzle press, the result: “The best spaetzle far and wide.” Others take only mineral water instead of tap water, the carbon dioxide makes the dough loosely beautiful, the result:best spaetzle far and wide. ” In other parts of the dough again had to be rather thin, thus it can be easier to slice, the result: “The best dumplings far and wide.” With the new spaetzle miracle that is now quite different: For now it is the nature of matter as the dough is whether thick or thin, always come out delicious spaetzle below. Now anyone can make fresh delicious dumplings themselves, and it does not matter whether “Swabian blood flowing” through the veins or not. Great food and great prices at the From now on, all, regardless of whether the North or East Germany or learn to love the whole world spaetzle, spaetzle doing has never been so easy as today. The spaetzle miracle time “makes it possible.

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