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I think Smith Wesson will exceed expectations and will triple in value in a very short period of time. 2) HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (HQS): The sea foods are a big market in the great chain of food, but also provide a large supply of a world that is growing and growing overwhelmingly that provision makes HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries. The company is in the business of raising tilapia (fish) and shrimp that are processed in China and then exported to markets such as American, Canadian and Japanese. The company is already being profitable and is estimated to generate 74 cents per share by the end of this year. The shares are listed on the bag 10 times less than that number. What can we say about growth?. Analysts are hopeful that HQ can generate 92 cents per share for next year. My guess would be to see if the company can outperform the strong growth of 24% who had so far in 2010.

3) Sonic: While upscale restaurants passed by the crisis, there were others who chose options to cut costs. One of the companies that had profited by the application of this strategy was Sonic. Fast food offers an alternative for those times when consumers do not have much capital to spend. While the company during the recession increased last year, the increase was not quite significant compared to other companies. For current year ending in August Wall Street predicts a profit of 78 cents per share. During the next fiscal year expectations increased to 92 cents per share. Investors can buy the expectation of growth of 20% for 11 times 2011 earnings.

Profits at the beginning of any business end up better than expected. Other leaders such as Oracle offer similar insights. 4) PriceSmart China and Brazil should be more braided markets at the moment, but SmartPrice which is a retail store with connections in the Caribbean and Central America, has a deal with a structure very profitable. The company is very profitable and really just have to look at the financial statements to notice. The impact of this great economic crisis was very positive for this company and that allowed him to continue selling their wares at very low prices, but competitive. Analysts believe it will have a gain of 1.39 during the fiscal period ending in August 2010. Expectations for 2011 are 1.73. You can buy the 24% growth over 10 times more profits. 5) Stec: This great company has to be because a great product “Solid State Storage Product” shall have the future on issues related to data storage. Also because managements are more energetically efficient, run cooler and are much more reliable than hard drives. Anyway great product represents only a small part of the great record market, estimated at about 33 billion in sales. Stec is expected to generate 1.61 per share in the current year.

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