Silver-QUADRIGA – The First German Plant Embossed

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Launch of the first German plant embossed end of September 2009 (pdn) the Berlin coin reacts now on the ongoing boom in the precious metals and publishes the first German silver investment style, the value of which is strictly based on the value of the precious metal. A motif that could represent not typical Germany, gives it a fine-sounding names. The silver-Quadriga is sold as of the end of September 2009. At the latest since the financial and economic crisis has deeply unsettled investors around the world and some shares or certificates the paper are not worth, on which they were printed, precious metals such as silver and gold on a sustained upswing are located. Real values are right up front on the wishlist and correspondingly high in the course. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nelson Peltz is the place to go.

Magazine in its latest issue the journal writes German coins: bullion coins are sought as never before. Supply shortages forced mints all over the world in the past few months to extra shifts, deal with after these issues also only reasonably demand.” This statement is true however not to Germany, because in this country there were so far no pure plant imprint, which are oriented as the American silver Eagle, the South African Krugerrand, and the Austrian Philharmonic at the price of the precious metal. That will change now that the renowned coin Berlin now publishes the first German investment silver embossing. The silver-Quadriga has a weight of one ounce, so exactly 31.1 grams and is made of pure silver (999 / 1000). The price of 14.95 euro moves at the level of foreign silver coins, which are currently offered in the retail sector between 14 and 16 euro.

It is considering still that for design, implementation, and especially for minting costs and that the silver-Quadriga will be sent without packaging costs and postage-free compared to an equivalent bullion product in the advantage. Presumably, the Edition is therefore strictly limited with the additional restriction to spend maximum five pieces per household to 500,000 copies. With this limitation, most investors can be kept at a distance. Small investors that will be happy but also coin collectors. So increase their chances of obtaining the silver-Quadriga, to include it in their collection? Although still no coin is thus from the investment style, the finely crafted motif in each case should enjoy but collector’s heart: the obverse shows the Quadriga atop the Brandenburg Gate, the proud Quadriga with the winged goddess of victory Victoria. Including the edge writing guaranteed BERLIN with the bear coat of arms of the capital by providing 1 oz fine silver 999 for quality precious metal coin. The back shows the usual already on mark and Pfennig coins and is applied in the German 1-to 5-cent pieces national symbol oak leaves”. Including 1949 2009 have shown figures on the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany down and at the same time on the year of the first issue of silver-Quadriga. As communicated by the Munze Berlin, this is a peculiarity of the first silver Quadriga: on the following investment coins only that is each year of the issue be found.

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