Security Issues

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Security Issues both for businesses and consumers who participate in electronic business, security is an important issue. Many consumers have doubts about whether to buy products on the net that do not trust that by submitting this personal information is kept private. Recently, some companies that do business online have been found giving or selling information from its own customers. Several of these companies have guarantees on their websites stating that their information be kept private consumers. By selling customer information to these companies are breaking their own privacy commitments, published on their websites. Some companies that buy this information allows users to be removed from the lists. But many consumers are unaware that their information is being disseminated and can not stop the transfer of information between companies.Safety issues are of great importance and online companies have been working hard to create solutions. The data encryption is one of the main methods for dealing with privacy issues and Internet safety. Encryption can be defined as the conversion of data into encrypted data. These figures can not be easily intercepted unless an individual is authorized by the program or the company that performed encryption. In general, the stronger the encryption, the better the protection of data. However, the better the ciframiento code, it becomes more expensive data encryption.

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