Secondary School Calendar 2009-2010.Asturias

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Secondary School Calendar 2009-2010 In search of agile and effective tools of communication and participation, this Ministry has drawn up a year’s Diary, for pupils of compulsory primary and secondary education. It aims to be a dynamic resource that facilitates the daily work and closer collaborative relationship between schools and families. The Diary of Asturias 2009/2010 includes activities and content that help students organize their time, planning the school’s daily and control tasks. In it, students and families will have basic information about your educational institution, class schedule, evaluation exercises, the official school calendar, extracurricular activities and complementary, among many other mentoring resources designed to facilitate communication and encourage collaboration of all members of the educational community. In the model of participatory school we aim to achieve, the Diary of the Principality has become an effective tool for communication and collaboration Family-School, demonstrating its utility in planning and organization of work by students and encouraging the necessary collaboration and track of day to day by the families, which has contributed positively to improving the academic performance and educational success for all students.

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