Second Stage Promotion of productive investment “

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TABLE 1. LATINAMERICA feared going back Source: El Pais / Madrid 2. The ruling coalition its investment firm majority in RENEWS MONTENEGRO Source: El Pais / article in the Daily Beast 3 Madrid. BERLUSCONI ITALY DEMANDS most powerful Source: El Pais / Madrid 4. CRISIS CAUSES FOR DISMISSAL OF 12 THOUSAND MINERS Genius Products IN CERRO RICO DE POTOSI BOLIVIA Source: Xinhua 5. CHILE SHOULD PAY 100 OF WATER CONSUMPTION BY SILALA Source: The Journal 6. SOME CONSIDERATIONS ON THE DEEP BOLIVIA Source: Christian Luis Rivas Salazar 7. Norway, the Netherlands and Canada to assist Bolivia to reorganize its state oil Source: Reuters 8. one of the leading financial articles on the current situation appears in the online Daily Beast, featuring At the beginning of the 1940s, the government established the infrastructure development of the country and the promotion of productive investment as the main LLC objectives of the work of the National films Finance.
In this context, the institution issued the Certificates of Participation, designed to finance irrigation works, roads and bridges, railways, airports and urban infrastructure. It also supported a number of industrial companies Inc. such as Altos Hornos de Mexico, Mexico electricity industry, Guan and Fertilizers, Cement Industry, Apasco, Cementos Portland Bajio and Guadalajara.
In 1941 the first music achievement of the Eximbank credit independent home-entertainment distribution company of the United States, to finance the construction of roads, which opened the doors for further funding from the World Bank and the InterAmerican Development Bank, as well as private banking in Europe and North America .
To promote alternative channels of financing, beginning in 1942 Nafinsa its shareholding in companies.
In his last report to Congress in September 1946, President Manuel vila Camacho summarized in the following words served the action during its six-year term by Nacional Financiera:
‘From the first of January 1941 to date, has made contributions to the domestic industry to join in round numbers 462 million pesos. Provide funding for the National Finance has obtained from the Export and Import Bank of Washington, a number of credits in total and video games amount to 63 million, which enabled President of and Chairman of the purchase of machinery for industry, without the dollar reserves of the Bank of Mexico and also empower the federal government for the construction of industrial works in the national interest, financial commentary such as electrification and rehabilitation of the Railways and Petroleum ‘
Antonio Carrillo Flores, ‘Notes on National Finance in the period 1934-1952’, National Financial
1934-1984, Fifty years of development banking, assurance of their CEOs, National
Finance, Mexico, 1985.

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