Season 5

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In the fifth season Pam is spending time in New York to try his luck in the world of art. That view is not as talented as she thought, but above all, really miss Jim and his hometown, Scranton. Furthermore, Toby’s replacement, Holly, has a brief relationship with Michael, after he left to Jan in the last episodes of season four. Michael despite his flamboyant personality and his unorthodox methods, is at the forefront of the most successful subsidiary company in times of recession the U.S. economy. Corporate Management, knows and wants to decipher the secret of his success. The truth is that the base of this team is very proactive. Its sales force is very efficient and with Michael, a former “star salesperson”, as head. Pam and Jim undertake to marry. It also ends the relationship between Angela and Andy when he learns of the hidden relationships she had with Dwight.The problem is being addressed with a duel between two lovers who wins Andy, however, Angela is alone. The decision of the Corporate Management, Holly transferred to other subsidiaries of Dunder Mifflin, not just end with this short list, but eventually Michael is going to generate personal conflicts to the company, whose outcome will be his resignation. Toby returns from Costa Rica. In resigning, Michael, forms a new company which I called The Michael Scott Paper Company (paper company Michael Scott), for which he manages to recruit Pam Dunder Mifflin waiver with him, Ryan and the fellow who was employed part time at a Bowling Scranton after his departure from Dunder Mifflin for an alleged trip to Thailand, whose real destination was Fort Lauderdale – Fla.The chapter by Michael Scott Paper Company has a different introduction to the others, as in the presentation of the actors do not show scenes from the offices of Dunder Mifflin, but those of The Michael Scott Paper Company which is located in the warehouse area and amenities Scranton Business Park building, home of Dunder Mifflin, Vance Refrigeration and WB Jones Heating Air among others. The outcome of this undertaking is not feasible spectacular, The Michael Scott Paper Company accounts captures important Dunder Mifflin (until then the most successful subsidiary company) and sparked panic in the Dunder Mifflin Corporate Management. This forces them to sit at a table to negotiate with Michael Scott. Michael returns as Regional Manager and Pam going to be selling his previous post as receptionist was taken by Erin, a new character. The seasonal closure in the Dunder Mifflin Inc. Picnic brings some surprises: a new branch is closed (Buffalo, NY) and Pam is pregnant with Jim.

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