Science Education In Kindergarten

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Children today do not know much about the environment and environmental awareness. In kindergarten is indeed paid attention to waste separation and energy, but the children do not get this with conscious. In addition, they have the background to why we do this, not clear. They take everything out the way it is and question little. It is therefore important to bring the children to become interested in nature and its surroundings and that they do not all take for granted. The children throw their yogurt cups while in the yellow trash can, but why should they do that, they do not know. To promote environmental awareness among the children, it is important that children understand their world. Here, science education is important. When the children understand, such as the water cycle works, they will also realize that it is not good, if water can be dirty or wasted. The issue of “global warming” can be brought even closer to the children, by clarifying what happens when ice melts. This creates a lot of water and possibly will alsoFlooded land or the animals that live on the ice, have no longer a suitable habitat. The children are tomorrow’s adults. It is important to give them a sense of responsibility for their environment, so that they continue to sustain life on earth. Various tests and experiments for kids at:

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