Same Song

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Relax, do not argue with anyone, do not think your problems or your debts, your amorous situations, unless this is what drives you to write the song of the day. Try yoga, it is not back from you but you can stretch, stretch and sit down to meditate and practice not thinking about anything. E) Wear comfortable clothes and wearing a cool jacket in case the studio is very cold. F) Once the study did not overdo practice, do it quietly and silently if possible. You need to save your energy and your beautiful voice for when you’re recording. G) Bring something to strengthen your voice, I would recommend Quantro 2oz of lemon and 3 tablespoons of honey pure.

Once the tomato mixture a sip every 10-15 min. If you do not drink at all then one cup of warm tea with honey will suffice but you take more during the session, it fills your stomach liquid which is not advisable for you to optimize the quality of the sound of your voice. Ok now you will enter the studio and have your song in hand, I memorized it (I want you to know that there are artists who write the song the same day they’re going to record and for these there are other methods to cover in another article.) If you’re going to record a cappella voices, and composed the music, or go to record first and then finish the musical production, in any case the engineer will ask you a few minutes to “prepare the session” at the time you will be asked to sing in order to calibrate the equalizer in the tone of your voice.

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