Saint Augustin

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Its influence on the old Christianity is unquestionable. At that moment diverse forms of? Latin Vetus? (METZGER, 1968) they circulated for the Roman Empire: Latin the Vetus term is not mentioned to a complete translation only of the Bible, seno that assigns to the set of the previous translations to the Vulgata de Jernimo, this circulating Latin translation in Cartago since the year of 250, without if it knows documentation some certifying the existence of others in the remaining portion of the Christian world of Latin expression? (TREBOLLE, 1996, P. 417). In fact, these texts if spread out in popular Latin language to the measure that if sedimented the idea of a Christianity that would go each time more strong, as it occurred, to center itself around? Aeterna Civitas? , substituting and giving new it has supported to the old unit politics of the Roman Empire, that will go if losing: She is well-known to studious a insatisfao of Saint Augustin and with it, all the cultured Christianity, ahead of the permanent and continuous revision of the Latin text (Dos Santos, 2005) These revisions, to consider the source ' ' grega' ' the gostos of the popular latinidade were multiplied it the infinite. In its workmanship, M. Simonetti presents these two simultaneously coincident masters of the exegtica latinidade as and opponents: ' ' pur essendo stati Girolamo and Agostino pressoch contemporanei, essi debbano esseri considerati rappresentanti di due distinti momenti della storia della culture and delle lettere cristiane ' ' (SIMONETTI, 1996, p.21). While for Saint Augustin the LXX was, in certain way, inspired: Dal 400 in poi, revisone there geronimiana Agostino us (Vulgata) I gave quattro Vangeli in it its Chiesa di Ippona, me non adott mai l? AT. Tradotto of the Gerolamo dall? ebraico, sia perch qualche altro vescovo aveva avuto reazioni (…) sia perch aveva raggioni teologiche to per preferire LXX there.

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