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Current conditions dictate their own rules and they are not so favorable for, say, the male population. It is a service in the armed forces of the Russian army. All used nothing but the dark sides of this patriotic Debt is not something that is not acceptable, and very negatively affect both the health and on life in general. The idea of my article is not that dissuade you from the service, and to bring those very things that may help you avoid under such a terrible thing as a "call", if this is really the heart does not lie. To date, the overwhelming majority of people are investing huge state funds only to avoid this crippling health fake certificates, etc.

Sadly of course, but a fact. In most cases, all the unthinkable history of our army, is rapidly acquiring its popularity across the country, namely, about the "hazing", all sorts of reprisals against appeal to young, etc. a huge stain on our army with you. Cases of isolated and it happens because of negligence on the whole control structure. No soldiers were primarily to blame, and the connivance of officers, all possible fomenting conflict among the soldiers, leading to serious consequences. If this occurs, then there should not run slow, to no good result. Oddly enough, this happens in remote corners of our vast country.

It is because of these officers served in the army and gained a fearsome character that it is now shying away from it all and sundry. The concept of "hazing" primarily intended not for bullying, and to train young replenishment of the basics of military service at the initial stage, assistance in overcoming hardships. Recent military reforms showed that the decrease in life does not carry some meaning, but to the destruction of the army. But the plus of course there is – hazing in such a short time the service does not even have time to develop, it became time to feel like a grandfather, as and demobilization time.

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