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Since the beginning of 2011, the Advisor portal has also video tutorials offer helpster apart from instructions in text form. They are used to previously certified producers. Munich, March 30, 2011: The Advisor Portal beginning of 2011 has helpster apart from instructions in text form also tutorial videos on sale. They are used to previously certified producers. In order to ensure a high quality of the videos, helpster offers its video producers at a professional training.

The new video guide function on helpster also requires basic knowledge of film production of the video producers in addition to content skills in the individual subject areas. To ensure that the budding video producer will receive training in the form of videos helpster if necessary free of charge. The quality of the video instructions on helpster is very important to us. With the training we give therefore a good basis talented amateurs, professional means to create videos with guides character”, so Stephan Roppel, Director helpster. In an up to 40-minute training session, you will learn future helpster video producer, also outside of a Studio environment in an authentic environment with simple methods and tools to make films. Also, they receive advice on the structure and the structure. In this way, they learn to present their instructions compact and to the point.

All sequences of the training videos are self-contained. So, the video producer can choose which training videos to see them. “” “” “Depending on their individual level of knowledge they can between the eight themes of Director tips”, camera tips, light tips”, audio tips, cutting tips 1″, cutting tips 2, cutting with Windows Movie Maker”, cutting with iMovie” and choose three sample videos. Also, they receive all information as a pdf document to read. Film production, won helpster ULI low r and Uwe Wrobel, playtime for the creation of the training videos. Uwe Wrobel is a Director and editor and teaches at the film school in Munich and the Bavarian State Television Academy. ULI low Mahoney is a trained photographer, cameraman and TV Editor. About helpster: Helpster is a free online Advisor offer the GmbH, a company of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, and was launched in July 2010. With profound and comprehensible instructions, the platform offers help on a variety of topics of everyday life. contact for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg Tel: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

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