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Review: Imagine Philips cinema 21:9 (56PFL9954H), go to the movies and keep it at home. Is this only possible with a beamer? Wrong! Philips offers the first TV in the real movie format with the cinema 21:9. Film in our test lab with razor sharp images. In the new TV’s flagship, Philips grabs pretty much everything the manufacturer in the moment facilities and image improvement technology has to offer. So the TV for example with 200Hz-Bildrate and Ambilight, which is quite noticeable in the image works. True cinema experience a real experience is the presentation of DVDs and Blu-ray discs here cinema 21:9 with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,080 pixels really in his element. Most of the films are recorded in a format, which is the ratio 21:9 at least very close the annoying black bars above and below almost completely disappear. Compared to a 56-inch TV with 16:9 resolution of 21:9 delivers a much larger image, which the TV often easily on its native resolution must scale.

The detail of the image is very good, many details can be seen even in dark scenes. Colour reproduction and picture sharpness also convinced us. Television – the TV screen only half the fun is sharp and colorful. We could not be detected with motion blur thanks to 200 Hz technology virtually. However the TV image, deliver the two tuners, is represented with black bars left and right.

The effective visible image is then roughly a 46-inch TVs. Alternatively, you can also zoom the image. Here, the area remains high in the Middle, where typically the most action happens. Takes the distortion at the edges but then but the display measurements in our test lab prove significantly to not really good display the quality of the cinema 21:9: A 3,571: 1 contrast ratio is very good, as the maximum brightness of 423 candela per square meter.

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