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In the end, Web Kazan is constantly changing, and all that was issued in light of today may become history in six months! How to justify the cost of research and, most importantly, time spent on them? Will consumers to understand and appreciate the full potential of new ideas or concepts? What are the answers provided by investigations and how to use this information in the development process? These are just some of the concerns expressed by developers in decision-making process for the inclusion of end users (customers, potential customers, etc.) in the process of creating Web-project in Kazan. With a tight budget and even tighter time frame, many teams developers have questioned the very need for research. Some do not have enough skills or resources to understand when, how and what to study, not to mention how to incorporate the results Research into the final product (ie, Web-site). In any case, developers must ask themselves the question: what is the real benefit from research in Kazan? This question became even more urgent in connection with the failure of many poorly designed 'hot' s and even some Web-based applications more successful websites. More frequently than ever, investors are looking for evidence that this is a real business that if you create a Web-site in Kazan for e-commerce, then it come consumers. Similarly, corporate sponsors want to make sure that new, based on the Web, the initiative will provide an opportunity to return the investment and will serve to strengthen (and, of course, in no case will not damage) their existing brands..

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