Religion and superstition

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The fact that the brain has the capacity to produce functional spiritual experience does not deny the significance of such a spiritual experience, says berg geneticist and director of the Human Genome Project, Francis Collins, in the following interview with the Pew Forum on Religion andamp; Public Life. Collins, also an evangelical Christian, believes that, despite the fact that the theory of evolution is 150 years, insufficient education and the fear that the concept of religious buildup disappear, make most of the U.S. population does not accept .Nearly every religion has rituals, ceremonies or bonesetter that would put the person in connection with the spiritual forces, and that people who do not belong to that religion kabbalah can consider superstitions, like a slaughtered chicken, the sign of the cross, baptism , Mass., and so on.
It is accepted that it is more likely to meet with someone who professes a religion with superstition that an agnostic or an atheist superstitious.
The difference between superstition and religious faith is, first, on how to comprehensively understand the reality. In superstition, the force acting supranatural the light is arbitrary and disaggregated from the other side, a religion has an organized system THEOLOGICAL asserts that the existence of one (or more) or a causal superior general, who acts (n) in the everything. Second, each religion is derived, in addition to spirituality, a moral, while in many superstitions only affects the performance of the individual toward the acquisition or loss of the fate or misfortune. And thirdly, in many religions such as Christianity, is not interference between soul rationality, which examines the immediate causes, and religious belief, with the coexistence of both attitudes.
From this perspective, it is understood that, according to the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, superstition is a “strange belief to religious faith and contrary to reason.”
The supersticon does not seek knowledge of the reality that lies behind this belief, assumes its veracity. Its aim is to stay alert in everyday situations to prevent or influence the actions that lead on a timely basis to the belief. The religion is the subject of a basic mode, to acquire the grace of the entity or entities object of worship based on fulfilling the commandments (see ascetic) and reject the prohibitions that dictates their faith.
The harmless snake bastard
Also other religions and worldviews have considered esoteric hermetic states of altered consciousness as one more proof of the existence of their beliefs. His knowledge of assumptions and sources totally spiritual different from those of science, technical and scientific philosophy (our time). It would result in the development of capacities in the individual who would transcend the boundaries of normal sensory perception. Through techniques: meditation, auto, sleep deprivation, fasting, dehydration, drugs, centre poisoning … the subjects experienced a reality beyond the threshold of normal and perceive a different level of reality and the subjective himself.

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