Reform of 1853

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Reform of 1853 The constitutional pendulum moves this time to the liberal method. It began to federalism. Was eliminated slavery, extended suffrage to all men over age 21, won the popular vote directly to elect congressmen, governors and judges, was established administrative freedom and religious freedom, there was a separation between church and State and completed the legal personality of the Catholic Church. Some of the gains were reversed later in the 1886 constitution. Curiously enough, in September 1853 elections were held to elect the attorney general and Supreme Court, and the October 3, 1853 is elected Governor of Bogota counting the votes for parish district. During the years 1848 and 1849 eventually coined the names of the traditional parties, Liberal and Conservative ideological differences took shape and went past the emphasis on personalities.From 1849 during the government of General Jos Hilario L pez the country had a strong political and economic transformation since it began to be replaced by the colonial structure of capitalism.

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